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Father Dear Father Complete Series One DVD Review



Distributor: Network DVD
Certificate: PG | Region: 2 | 175 minutes

Extras: No

Patrick Cargill, Natasha Pyne, Ann Holoway, Noel Dyson

Created by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke (they of Man About the House and George and Mildred fame), the farcical Father Dear Father has now been released by the exemplary Network.

Patrick Cargill, in a role tailor made for him, plays wealthy, roll Royce driving crime and spy writer Patrick Glover, divorced Patrick lives in his swanky house in trendy Hampstead longing for the peace and quiet that is constantly interrupted by his two teenage daughters Anna (Natasha Pyne) and Karen (Ann Holloway) both your archetypal dolly birds of the swinging sixties. Also on hand was Matilda Nanny Harris (Noel Dyson), once Nanny to Patrick and the girls but now more of a housekeeper, Patrick’s best friend was his huge St Bernard dog H.G. Wells but he also remained on good terms with his ex-wife Barbara.

Although now 36 years old these vintage and seldom seen episodes are still surprisingly tight, well scripted little farces, each episode generally piling on the misunderstandings until Patrick is on the verge of collapse. Cargill is fantastic as the harassed Glover. It’s very refreshing to see Network having the nouse to release these early black and white episodes, fans of the show having been starved of these whenever the show has been re-run from the colour episodes onward.

No extras.