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First thoughts on NBC’s Blind Spot



So every week it’s a different tattoo, after just a few minutes it’s easy to see where we are headed with NBC’s new action drama series Blind Spot (which premiered 21 September) but despite that the pilot episode is full of intrigue and interesting ideas.

The episode opens with a bag being found in Times Square which, in this day and age, means a wholesale clearing of the area. However from the bag emerges a woman (Jaimie Alexander) completely covered in tattoos and suffering from severe memory loss.

The FBI quickly get involved with “Jane Doe” and it just as quickly becomes apparent that she doesn’t know her name, why she is covered in tattoos and why she was in the bag. The strange thing is that one of the most prominent tattoos on Jane’s body contains the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller (played by Sullivan Stapleton) who is sent to New York to see if he can shed any light on the case. He is none the wiser but works out that Jane’s tattoos seem to be some kind of map but to what though he’s not sure.

As the episode draws to a close Jane reveals that she can speak fluent Chinese, a fact which links in to a tattoo behind her ear.

It’s quite a clever concept and one that will allow for a story of the week type angle whilst also at the same time revealing layers of the overall story as we find out more about Jane and just what the heck is going on.