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Ghost Whisperer Complete Fourth Season with Jennifer Love Hewitt DVD Review



Buena Vista Home Entertainment’s TV4ME / Region 4 / Released 10 March 2010

The gorgeous Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of TV’s most popular stars thanks in no small part to her lead role in the always watchable Ghost Whisperer which has just had its fourth season released on DVD.

Jen plays Melinda Gordon who is able to communicate with the spirits of dead people who have yet to move on to what the show describes as The Light (ie heaven). Melinda finds herself called upon by these spirits to help them seek closure so that they can move on. Now in this fourth season Melinda is not only on a mission to help as many people as she can but also to try and find out more about her powers as well as trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life (something she does by running her own antiques store).

Season four really sees the show capitalising on its strengths, it begins with a major tragedy in the shape of the death of Jim and his spirit moves into the body of the dying Sam who then recovers but has no memory of who he actually is. There is also the introduction of a major new character in the shape of Eli who is also able to communicate with the dead meanwhile Mel’s aide de camp Rick Payne bows out of the series to undertake a research trip.

Based on the work of medium James Van Praagh and partly inspired by Ann Winkowski who also bills herself as a spirit communicator, Ghost Whisperer consistantly entertains! This six disc set features 8 episodes from the web series The Other Side III, a featurette on the relationship between Melinda and Jim, a look at the music used in the series, an excerpt from The Jamie Kennedy Experiment and a blooper reel.


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