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Glam Rock DVD Review



Dig out your platforms and your Noddy Holder mirrored top hat because with this release from Glam Rock is back!!!

Boasting 20 fantabulous tracks Glam Rock features prime acts from the era strutting their stuff in live performances on German TV show Musik Laden so we are able to see the likes of T. Rex, Roxy Music, Sweet, Showaddywaddy and The Bay City Rollers playing live, although it’s true some of the manufactured groups still mime during their performances.

The disc opens with a relatively straight looking Marc Bolan leading T. Rex with a funky version of Jeepster, later towards the end of the disc we get to see him perform 20th Century Boy a couple of years later when the fame has got hold of him and he is all feather boas and whacked out drugginess. Inbetween we have a truly great version of Virginia PLain from the Brian Eno era Roxy Music, a gorgeous looking Lulu performing Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World, David Essex does Rock On and David Cassidy does Rock Me Baby.

There are a few incongruities here with the decidedly unglam Medicine Head making it more Glum Rock with their song How Does It Feel and the post glam Tom Robinson and their shoutalong 2-4-6-8 Motorway, no complaints though as these are still great songs and performances.

Glam Rock is guaranteed to make you want to “get down and get with it” as the great Noddy might say. Alright. Alright. Alright.

No extras really but you do get the chance to choose the tracks you want to play.

Format: PAL All Regions Total Running Time: 64 minutes Certificate: N/A


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