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Monarch Of The Glen Series Four DVD Review



BBC DVD / Region 4 / Released April 2010

Monarch of the Glen is one of those classic winters nights in front of the telly shows, comfort TV in fact, just released is series four in a great four disc set.

Set in the incredibly beautiful and idyllic Scottish Highlands the series stars Alastair McKenzie as the high flying London city boy Archie Macdonald who is forced to return home to take over the running of the rather impressive family estate Glenbogle. His eccentric aging parents Hector and Molly (played by the fabulous Richard Briers and Susan Hampshire) are glad to have him home and so are some of the ladies of Glenbogle, especially sexy Lexie (Dawn Steele) the cook at the estate, but Archie knows he faces a massive battle to turn the fortunes of Glenbogle around.

While it might seem on the surface all is well at Glenbogle some major changes are afoot this season, not least the wedding of Archie and Glenbogle housekeeper Lexie, their on-off antics run through the first half of this series, the pair tying the knot in episode three; This is a good touch, bringing Archie and Lexie together, enabling an injection of new blood in the form of new housekeeper Irene (Rebecca Lacey) and also allows for the widening of relationships.

Other big storylines for the season include Golly and his failing eyesight, the opening of the Glenbogle Wildlife Centre and Kilwillie makes a play for the now widowed Molly, of course there is also the usual looks like Archie might lose Glenbogle storyline (at least one in every season).

Always entertaining and making you desperate to up sticks and move to Scotland, Monarch of the Glen is well worth spending some time with.