Supernatural: The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review



Warner Home Video / Region 4 / Released November 10, 2010 on DVD and Blu-Ray

Supernatural, thanks in no small part to the excellent rapport between leads Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, continues to thrill and scare in equal measure as witnessed in this mesmerising fifth season box set. The show was one of the first of the current crop to head off into scary territory. Sam (Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles) Winchester are brothers who have been readied by their dad to battle the forces of paranormal evil after their mother falls victim to a demon. Now the pair travel the quiet back roads of America in their 1967 Chevy Impala battling evilness wherever they find it.

Season five is the biggest season yet, the previous season had ended in incredible style with Sam accidentally unleashing Lucifer from his prison setting the scene for a final showdown. In fact the Apocalypse has come and Sam and Dean have to join forces with Castiel, a fallen angel, to try and win once and for all. The relationship between Sam and Dean is incredibly rocky this season too, Dean is convinced they would be better off working apart, something which hits Sam hard and makes him briefly contemplate giving up and trying to live a normal life, but that idea doesn’t last for long of course.

This is grand high concept stuff, definitely not the stuff of your average series thats for sure, for example at one stage early in the season Dean takes a segue way five years into the future and is visited by his own future self who gives him some key information that enables him to reconcile with Sam, other grand ideas include the boys tackling a series of gruesome murders that seem to have been committed by famous ghosts. Not only that there is even a guest appearance from Paris Hilton in the episode Fallen Idols! Now that’s scary.

We’d have to say this has been the most intense, enjoyable season of Supernatural yet, season six is going to apparently slow things down a little (understandable really, it’s hard to keep up this level of intensity for long) but this is for sure on to savour. The six disc dvd set includes every episode from the season as well a gag-reel, unaired scenes, audio commentary from the crew on episode four a featurette on the web series Ghostfacers and a “handy” Apocalypse Survival Guide.

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