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The Brothers Complete First Season Region 2 DVD Review



Distributor: DD Home Entertainment
Certificate: PG | Region: 2 | 3 disc set

Extras: No

Glyn Owen, Jean Anderson, Richard Easton, Robin Chadwick, Jennifer Wilson, Hilary Tindall, Gabrielle Drake

Following the death of his father middle aged Ted Hammond is more than a little put out when he learns that the haulage company, Hammond Transport, he was all set to inherit, is to be equally divided between himself, his two brothers, David and Brian and his fathers long term mistress Jennifer Kingsley; So sets the scene for boardroom rivalries and squabbling family machinations of the first order.

A real hit on its first broadcast and a Sunday night staple for most of the 1970’s The Brothers was classic TV then and is still very entertaining viewing now; A clear forerunner of glossy American shows such as Dallas and Dynasty albeit set in the less than glamorous world of haulage, The Brothers even has its own bitch character in the shape of the brilliant Ann (wife of Brian) Hammond.

The show doesn’t focus exclusively on the Hammond’s though leaving room for the workers, mainly represented by the solidly working class Bill Riley. Glyn Owen here plays Edward Hammond (his role would be taken over by Patrick O’Connell in subsequent series) and he of course would go on to play a major role in series co-creator Gerard Glaister’s 1980’s super soap Howard’s Way.

This 3 disc set which features all ten episodes from the first season is a genuinely enjoyable series then that many people should remember and one that is well worth spending some time with.
No extras unfortunately.