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Close (Netflix 2019, Noomi Rapace, Sophie Nélisse)

In action thriller Close, a counter-terrorism expert takes a job protecting a young heiress. After an attempted kidnapping puts both...

Movies1 min ago

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (Netflix 2019)

The Greatest Party That Never Happened is a documentary about Fyre Festival, the failed luxury music festival promoted by the...

Episodes2 hours ago

House Hunters: Tiny Virginia Vineyard Home (S160EP1 HGTV Thurs 24 Jan 2019)

Tiny Virginia Vineyard Home: A couple has made the decision to purchase a tiny home on a Virginia winery property,...

Episodes2 hours ago

American Pickers: Hungry Hungry Pickers (HISTORY Thurs 24 Jan 2019)

Hungry Hungry Pickers: Mike and Frank hope to fill their bellies with food and their van with picks after they...

Episodes2 hours ago

Dead of Winter: Winter’s Bone (S1EP3 ID Thurs 24 Jan 2019)

Winter’s Bone: When a pastor finds bartender Robert W. Schmidt’s strangled body in a snowbank in Bristol, Conn., on December...

Episodes2 hours ago

Deadly Secrets: The Truth Hurts (S1EP2 ID Thurs 24 Jan 2019)

The Truth Hurts: After James Raine begins an affair with another man’s wife in Mississippi, two men die and a...

Episodes2 hours ago

Kindred Spirits: No Salvation (Season 3 Premiere Thurs 24 Jan 2019 on Travel)

No Salvation: Powerhouse paranormal investigators, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, know that those who have passed might return, and that...

Episodes2 hours ago

The Rap Game: Indecent Promposal (S5EP4 Lifetime Thurs 24 Jan 2019)

Indecent Promposal: After splitting the five young rappers into teams, the groups are challenged to create a promposal for high...

Episodes2 hours ago

Bring It!: A Dollhouse Abandoned (S5EP15 Lifetime Thurs 24 Jan 2019)

A Dollhouse Abandoned: The Dolls struggle to stay on their feet as they prepare to compete in their first stand...

Episodes2 hours ago

The Other Two Series Premiere Thurs 24 Jan 2019 on Comedy

The Other Two stars Drew Tarver as a 29-year-old aspiring actor wondering why he can’t get better auditions than “Man...

Episodes2 hours ago

How to Get Away with Murder: Don’t Go Dark on Me (S5EP10 ABC Thurs 24 Jan 2019)

Don’t Go Dark on Me: As the investigation into Miller’s murder intensifies, Bonnie and Nate formulate their alibis while Annalise...

Episodes2 hours ago

Broad City Season 5 Premieres Thurs 24 Jan 2019 on Comedy

Abbi and Ilana return for the final season of Broad City premiering on Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 10:00 p.m....