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Episodes2 hours ago

Comedy Four: Fit For Heroes (ITV Thurs 13 Jun 1963, Kenneth Connor, Derrick Guyler)

In the second Comedy Four entry Fit For Heroes, Major Hepplewhite and Corporal Rust have an issue with the ministry...

Comedy Four Tea at the Ritz ITV 1963 Comedy Four Tea at the Ritz ITV 1963
TV2 hours ago

Comedy Four (ITV 1963)

Comedy Four was a short run anthology of single comedies that had a loose theme attached to them – that...

TV3 hours ago

First Night (BBC 1963-1964)

First Night was an anthology of dramas specially written for television. The series attracted some high profile names. The first...

Episodes5 hours ago

The Sooty Show: Jimmy Jewel (S7EP1 ITV Tues 4 Jan 1972)

In the first episode of The Sooty Show for 1972, Sooty is having dreams about being the captain of a...

Episodes5 hours ago

The Last of the Baskets: Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant (S1EP2 ITV Mon 17 May 1971, George Waring)

In Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant, Bodkin has a hard time persuading Clifford Basket, the new Earl of Clogborough,...

The Intruder The Intruder
Episodes11 hours ago

The Intruder: Me (S1EP8 ITV Sun 20 Feb 1972, Simon Turner)

In Me, the final episode of the series, Jane Ellison is in danger having found herself marooned in a seachurch...

The Intruder The Intruder
Episodes12 hours ago

The Intruder: Mavis (S1EP7 ITV Sun 13 Feb 1972, Lynne Perrie)

In Mavis, Arnold decides to talk to hairdresser Mavis who he believes is hiding secrets about his own background. She...

Bright's Boffins Ejected 1972 ITV Bright's Boffins Ejected 1972 ITV
Episodes12 hours ago

Bright’s Boffins: Buried Treasure (S3EP4 ITV Mon 24 Jan 1972, Valentine Dyall)

In Buried Treasure Marmaduke and Dogsears have discovered a map that they are convinced will lead them to Captain Bill...

Love Story The Dolly Spike ITV 1969 Francis Matthews Adrienne Posta Love Story The Dolly Spike ITV 1969 Francis Matthews Adrienne Posta
Episodes13 hours ago

Love Story: The Dolly Spike (S8EP4 ITV Wed 16 Apr 1969, Francis Matthews, Adrienne Posta)

In The Dolly Spike naive Judy gets a job as assistant to the fashion editor on a national newspaper. Her...

Episodes1 day ago

Betty: Perstephanie (S1EP5 HBO Fri 29 Apr 2020)

Perstephanie: Kirt (Nina Moran) turns to “alternative” medicine to heal her friendships while the rest of the crew struggles with...

Episodes1 day ago

All on the Line: The Youngest Captain (S1EP2 Discovery Channel Fri 29 Apr 2020)

The Youngest Captain: Eighteen-year-old Capt. Danny Smith Jr. makes his mark on the fleet with a massive tuna, but sparks...

Episodes1 day ago

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Takeout: Cross-Country Delivery (S32EP6 Food Network Fri 29 Apr 2020)

Takeout: Cross-Country Delivery – Guy Fieri's family loves cooking at home and great restaurant food, so they combine the best...