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1066 And All That (BBC 1947, Charles Heslop, Erik Chitty)



Like pretty much all television of the time, this play (based on the hugely popular stage production) was broadcast live twice.

A couple of interesting names in the cast here too in the shape of Erik Chitty (who would go on to appear in Please Sir) and Richard Hurndall who would end up playing the Doctor in Doctor Who’s The Three Doctors in place of a sick William Hartnell.

production details
UK / BBC / 1×80 minute episode / Broadcast live on 2 February 1947 and then again on 4 February 1947

Book: Reginald Arkell / Lyrics: Reginald Arkell / Music: Alfred Reynolds / Producer: Desmond Davis

Charles Heslop
Erik Chitty
Cyril James
Frank Foster
Bill Stephens
Billie Baker
Christina Horniman
Gerald Nodin
Wallas Eaton
Richard Hurndall
Arthur Brander
Ronald Waters
Dennis Bowen
Donald Barclay
Barbara Nixon
Patricia Laffan
Wendy Brandon
Diana Benson
Irene Newland
Margaret Stewart
Valerie Renouf