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2 Hip 4 TV (NBC 1988, Ahmet Zappa, Colin Quinn)



This hour-long live-action Saturday morning show was hosted by Ahmet Zappa, son of oddball rocker Frank Zappa, with Colin Quinn of MTV’s game show Remote Control as the young Zappa’s Ed McMahon. The two hipsters hung out in a basement that transformed into a television studio, frequented by celebrity impersonators and real rock stars.

The fast-paced action of the show gave kids a lot to look at, but true to the title, the show often went over chldren’s heads, giving them little to enjoy besides the musical guests. Faced with a deadly noon-to-1 p.m. time slot, 2 Hip For TV left the airwaves after just over a month.

production details
USA | NBC | x50 minutes | Broadcast 10 September – 22 October 1988