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2 Stupid Dogs (1993, Jim Cummings, Brad Garrett)



2 Stupid Dogs was a show about just that—Little Dog and Big Dog, two canines with a nose for trouble and not enough brains to get out of it. The show was a break from Hanna-Barbera’s traditional style, animated more along the lines of Ren and Stimpy than Scooby-Doo. The show also shared Ren and Stimpy’s taste for booger jokes and potty humor mingled into plot-free exercises in unbridled wackiness.

The premise was simple: Little Dog was the loudmouth with a deathly fear of cats, Big Dog was his mellow companion. A broad-shouldered human named Hollywood appeared on most episodes to antagonize the dogs, uttering his instant catchphrase, ‘Isn’t that cute… But it’s WROOOONG!!’ The show was filled with throwaway one-liners that fans have been bandying about ever since: ‘It tastes like caca,’ ‘Where’s the food?’ ‘(Monkey to astronaut): I think you’ve been drinking too much Tang,’ and Little Dog’s catchphrase, ‘Ball!’

2 Stupid Dogs also brought the return of a little-known character from the Hanna-Barbera archives: Secret Squirrel. Each episode of 2 Stupid Dogs featured a Super Secret Squirrel segment, spoofing the 1960’s spy craze with the title squirrel, his bull superior Chief, and his Peter Lorre-inspired assistant Morocco Mole.

2 Stupid Dogs endeared themselves to viewers with their endlessly hilarious stupidity. In one episode, Little Dog tried to use a hand puppet to fool a cat into thinking there was food in another alley. After a brief conversation with his puppet, Little Dog fooled himself instead, calling the puppet a liar when the truth came out.

After two seasons of original episodes in syndication, the show moved to The Cartoon Network.

production details
USA | Syndicated | x30 minutes | 1993-195

Creator: Donovan Cook

Jim Cummings
Brad Garrett as Big Dog
Mark Schiff
Jess Harnell
Tony Jay
Frank Welker
Rob Paulsen
Nancy Cartwright
Brian Cummings
Mark Hamill as Platypus