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666 Park Avenue (ABC 2012-2013, Rachael Taylor, Terry O’Quinn)



In the horror/fantasy tinged 666 Park Avenue Jane Van Veen and Henry Martin are hired to run the residential Drake hotel at 999 Park Avenue, they quickly find things are not as they seem.

The series also spends plenty of time with the residents of the hotel who include husband and wife Brian and Louise Leonard – he’s a playwright, she’s a photographer. Meanwhile Tony DeMeo is the doorman and the very strange owners are Olivia and Gavin Doran.

The sets of the show, which is filmed in New York City, were damaged by the ravages of Hurricane Sandy.

Rachael Taylor as Jane Van Veen
Dave Annable as Henry Martin
Robert Buckley as Brian Leonard
Mercedes Masohn as Louise Leonard
Erik Palladino as Tony DeMeo
Helena Mattson as Alexis Blume
Samantha Logan as Nona Clark
Vanessa Williams as Olivia Doran
Terry O’Quinn as Gavin Doran

key behind the scenes crew
Alex Graves as Executive Producer/Director of Pilot
David Wilcox as Creator/Executive Producer
Gabriella Pierce as Original Author
Gina Girolamo as Executive Producer
Leslie Morgenstein as Executive Producer
Matt Miller as Executive Producer

show type
fantasy drama

broadcast from
9/30/2012 – 7/13/2013
1 season with 13 episodes in total.

network and production companies
ABC – Alloy Entertainment – Warner Bros. Television