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9 To 5 (ABC 1982-1988, Rita Moreno, Valerie Curtin)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Sitcom 9 to 5 was based on the very popular 1980 movie of the same name, one of the stars of that, Jane Fonda, was also one of the producers of this. The format detailed the exploits of three hardworking secretaries working for (season one) Consolidated Companies in Cleland, Ohio. From season two the company changed to American Household products and was set in New York. After 4 episodes of season 2, ABC cancelled the show, it was, however, picked up for syndication by TCF nearly three years later. This time the company was called Barkley Foods International.

RITA MORENO as Violet Newstead(82-83)
RACHEL DENNISON as Doralee Rhodes
JEFFREY TAMBOR as Franklin Hart(1)
PETER BONERZ as Franklin (2)
JEAN MARSH as Roz Keith (1982-1983)
HERB EDELMAN as Harry Nussbaum (1982-1983)
ANN WELDON as Clair (1982-1983)
SALLY STRUTHERS as Marsha (1986-1988)
DORIAN LOPINTO as Charmin Cunningham (1986-1987)
ART EVANS as Morgan (1986-1988)
PETER EVANS as Russ Merman (1986-1988)
JAMES MARTINEZ as James (1986-1988)

crew details
Creator: Patricia Resnick
Producers: Jane Fonda (1982-1983), James Komack (1982-1983), Bruce Gilbert (1982-1983), Michael Kagan (1986-1988), Ava Nelson (1986-1988)

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: ABC – Syndication – TCF
Duration: 85×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1982-1983 and 1986-1988