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A Christmas Carol (ITV Drama, Ross Kemp, Warren Mitchell)



One off drama A Christmas Carol was a modern dress version of the Charles Dickens classic, adapted here by Peter Bowker, in which loan shark Eddie Scrooge (Ross Kemp) is visited by a set of ghosts and shown the error of his ways.

Cast: ROSS KEMP as Eddie Scrooge; WARREN MITCHELL as Eddie’s Dad; LIZ SMITH as Joyce; ANGELINE BALL as Bella; MICHAEL MALONEY as Bob Cratchett; LORRAINE ASHBOURNE as Sue Cratchett; BEN TIBBER as Tim Cratchett; RAY FEARON as Marley; CHARLES SIMON as Eric; MINA ANWAR as Julie; CLAUDIE BLAKLEY as Ellie; BILL THOMAS as Ted; DANIEL AINSLEIGH as Dave

Writer: Peter Bowker / Costume: Howard Burden / Titles: Diverse Design / Design: Brian Sykes / Camera: David Higgs / Executive Producers: Jo Wright, Laura Mackie / Producer: Joshua St Johnston / Director: Catherine Morshead

UK / ITV Network-ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×90 minute episodes / Broadcast Wednesday 20 December 2000 at 9.00pm