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Australian TV

A Country Practice (Channel 7 1981-1993 and 1994 with Shane Porteous and Grant Dodwell)



Australia / Channel Seven / 1058×60 minute episodes / 1981-93 (plus 30 more episodes in 1994 on Channel 10)

Creator/Executive Producer: James Davern

Drama series. Episodes in the lives of the residents of the rural town of Wandin Valley in New South Wales, especially focusing on the vets practice, the hospital and the pub.

This popular series won a massive 29 logies during its run.

In 1994 the series briefly returned for 30 more episodes (with Robyn Sinclair and James Davern as Executive Producers) on the Ten Network but with wholesale changes made to the format and cast (the location was changed from New South Wales to Victoria and the only original cast members to return were Joyce Jacobs and Joan Sydney) the show never really stood a chance, it went to just one episode per week, before being cancelled altogether.

The pet Wombat featured in the show was called Fatso.

SHANE PORTEOUS as Terence Elliott
JOYCE JACOBS as Esme Watson
BRIAN WENZEL as Frank Gilroy
GORDON PIPER as Bob Hatfield
GRANT DODWELL as Simon Bowen
HELEN SCOTT as Marta Kertesz (1981-83)
ANNE TENNEY as ‘Molly’ Jones (1981-85)
PENNY COOK as Vicky Dean ( 1981-85)
SHANE WITHINGTON as Brendan Jones (1981-86)
SYD HEYLEN as Vernon “Cookie” Locke(1982-92)
WENDY STREHLOW as Judy Loveday(1982-86)
JOAN SYDNEY as Margaret “Maggie” Sloan (1983-90)
JOHN TARRANT as Matthew Tyler(1988-92)
GEORGIE PARKER as Lucy Gardiner(1989-92)
KYM WILSON as Darcy Hudson(1991-93)

1994 CAST:-
Joan Sydney as Maggie Sloan
Andrew Blackman as Harry Morrison
Joyce Jacobs as Esme Watson
Paul Gleeson as Ian McIntyre
Claudia Black as Claire Bonacci
Vince Colosimo as Danny Sabatini
Jane Hall as “Jess” Morrison
Laura Armstrong as Georgina “Georgie” Wilks

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