A Kind Of Living (ITV Sitcom, Richard Griffiths, Frances De La Tour)



In ITV sitcom A Kind of Living Teacher Trevor Beasley (Richard Griffiths) and his wife Carol (Frances De La Tour) move to London from Bolton so that Trevor can take up a new post. Trevor’s best friend Brian Thompson (Tim Healy) fortuitously lives just around the corner.

In the third and final season, following the departure of Trevor’s wife, he and friend Brian return home to Bolton. Brian’s sister Linda (Anita Carey) also arrived in season three. She was a single mum and she and Trevor developed a relationship and towards the end of the show decided to get married.

Cast: Richard Griffiths as Trevor Beasley; Frances de la Tour as Carol Beasley (Seasons 1 & 2); Tim Healy as Brian Thompson; C J Allen as Ken Dixon; Christopher Rothwell as Baby Og; Alec Christie as Tedstill (Seasons 1 & 2); Anita Carey as Linda (Season 3); Luke Freeman as Baby Joe (Season 3)

Writer: Paul Makin / Music: Philip Bird / Producer: Glenn Cardno / Director: Paul Harrison

UK / ITV – Central / 26×30 minute episodes / 19 February 1988 – 19 August 1989

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