A Matter of Conscience (BBC Drama, Harry H. Corbett)

A Matter of Conscience was a one off drama based on the novel Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy. It featured a rare straight role for Harry H. Corbett.

Cast: Billie Whitelaw (Katerina Maslova), Harry H. Corbett (Prince Dmitri Nekhlyudov), Moira Redmond (Mariette), Renée Houston (Korableva), Patrick Cargill (Procureur), Eric Pohlmann (President of the Court), Dudy Nimmo (Feodosia Birukova), Golda Casimir (Redhead), Anna Turner (Horoshavka), Steve Plytas (Warder), Roger Williams (Korney), Marjorie Forsyth (Agrafena), Peter Madden (Petrovich), Gordon Whiting (Secretary), Toke Townley (Nikitich), Dorothy Blythe (Bochkova), Michael Logan (Baklashov), Michael Golden (Nikiforov), Derek Benfield (Gerasimovich), Frank Leighton (Danchenko), Beckett Bould (Old Workman), Tom Macaulay (Kuleshov), Ina de la Haye (Aunt Sophia), Margery Withers (Aunt Maria), John Morris (Schonbock), Arthur Skinner (First Soldier), Humphrey Heathcote (Second Soldier), Victor Platt (Assistant Inspector), John Devaut (First Convict), John Hollis (Second Convict), Peggy Marshall (Wardress), Ann Bell (Princess ‘Missy’ Maria), Ernest Hare (Kolosov), Alexis Bobrinskey (Prince Korchagin), Lilly Kann (Princess Sophia), Bartlett Mullins (Doctor), Judy Child (Alexeyevna), John Chandos (Fanarin), June Barry (Girl), Tony Bronte (Birukov)

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Writer: Thomas Clarke / Novel: Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy / Producer: James Ormerod

UK / BBC / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 25 May 1962 at 9.25pm

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