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A Word, The (BBC-1 2016-2017, Christopher Eccleston, Lee Ingleby)



The A Word Season 1

The A Word is the story of the Hughes family, who work and love and fight like every other family. Then their youngest son is diagnosed with autism and they don’t feel like every other family anymore. They realise that if their son is ever going to communicate, they are going to have to learn how to communicate themselves. It’s a funny and thought-provoking series about parenthood and childhood.

From the BBC’s Press Release 5 April, 2017… Filming has started in the Lake District and at Manchester’s Space Project in preparation for the return to BBC One’s The A Word this Autumn.

The story picks up two years on from where we left it and Joe, who is played by Max Vento is changing. Now age seven, he has begun to look at the world and find he doesn’t fit in.

Writer Peter Bowker explains: “Autistic is a word Joe has heard but can’t yet understand. Different is what he feels, and fears might be something bad. It’s up to the whole family to help Joe make sense of who he is and his place in the world. But to do that, they must first be honest about themselves…”

The A Word Season 2

Max Vento as Joe Hughes
Lee Ingleby as Paul Hughes
Morven Christie as Alison Hughes
Molly Wright as Rebecca Hughes
Greg McHugh as Eddie Scott
Vinette Robinson as Nicola Daniels
Christopher Eccleston as Maurice Scott
Pooky Quesnel as Louise Wilson
Matt Greenwood as Tom Clarke
Thomas Gregory as Luke Taylor
Daniel Cerqueira as Dr Graves
George Bukhari as Terry
Adam Wittek as David Nowak
Tommie Grabiec as Pavel Kaminski
Julia Krynke as Maya Petrenko
Lisa Millett as Maggie White
Ralf Little as Stuart

key behind the scenes crew
Keren Maraglit as Creator
Peter Bowker as Writer / Executive Producer
Patrick Spence as Executive Producer
Jenny Frayn as Executive Producer
Sara Johnson as Executive Producer
Avi Nir as Executive Producer
Lucy Richer as Executive Producer
Peter Cattaneo as Director
Marcus Wilson as Producer

show type

broadcast from
22 March 2016
2 Seasons with 12 episodes in total

network and production companies
BBC One – Fifty Fathoms – Keshet – July August