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ABC Stage 67 (Anthology Series 1966-1967)



ABC Stage 67 was an ambitious hour long anthology series that aired on Wednesday night at 10pm/9 Central. Drama, variety, documentary, science fiction and original musicals were all featured in the one season it aired.

The series was shot in color on “state of the art” videotape, although some episodes were a combination of film and tape. The show had no permanent host and it’s theme music was by Elmer Bernstein.

The show did not attract a large audience and was moved to Thursday night (same time slot) in January of 1967. The best remembered episodes are Sam Peckinpah’s Noon Wine, Stephen Sondheim’s Evening Primrose and Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory. Quigley Publications (publisher of Television Almanac) gave the show awards for Best Network Program, Most Unique New Program and Best Dramatic Program-One Hour or More.

Reportedly the master tapes were destroyed in the 1970’s by ABC to make room in their storage facilities. Copies survive at television museums and film archives.

USA / ABC / x60 minute episodes /Broadcast 14 September 1966 – 11 May 1967 Wednesdays then Thursdays at 10.00pm