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Acapulco H.E.A.T. (Syndicated 1993-1997, Catherine Oxenberg, Brendan Kelly)



Action adventure series. The cases of a crack anti-terrorist team (part of the Hemisphere Emergency Action Team) fight crime out of their glamorous hotel base in Acapulco. The team posed as photographers to cover their actions. Filmed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

production details
USA | Syndicated | 48×60 minutes | Broadcast 1993-1994 and 1996-1997

Theme Music: Michael Lloyd, Tommy Oliver, Jim Ervin
Performed by Pepper Mashay

CATHERINE OXENBERG as Ashley Hunter-Coddington (1993-94)
BRENDAN KELLY as Mike Savage(93-94)
ALISON ARMITAGE as Cat-Catherine Avery Pascal
SPENCER ROCHFORT as Brett (93-94)
HOLLY FLORIA as Krissie Valentine (93-94)
MICHAEL WORTH as Tommy Chase
RANDY VASQUEZ as Marcos (1993-94)
GRAHAM HEYWOOD as Arthur Small (1993-94)
FABIO as Claudio (1993-94)
JOHN VERNON as Mr Smith (1993-94)
LYDIE DENIER as Nicole Bernard (1996-97)
CHRISTA SAULS as Joanna Barnes (1996-97)