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ACT OF NECESSITY (ABC Australia Drama, Angie Milliken)



ABC – Channel 4 – Film Australia / 1x90m-e / 1991 8 May

Writer/Producer: Pamela Williams / Camera: Steve Windon / Design: Ruth Braceguide / Music: Nigel Westlake / Executive Producer: Ron Saunders / Director: Ian Munro

Drama. When their eight year old daughter contracts Leukaemia Louisa and Ben Coleman mount a campaign to prove that the chemical companies in their small town have contaminated the water supply.

Cast: ANGIE MILLIKEN as Louise Coleman / MARK OWEN-TAYLOR as Ben Coleman / WENDY STREHLOW as Cressa Buchanan / TIM McKENZIE as Brian Buchanan / LOREN HEWETT as Samantha / STEPHEN GRIVES / KRIS GRAVES / SCOTT McGREGOR