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Adventure Weekly (BBC Kids, Brent Oldfield, Len Jones)



Children’s drama series Adventure Weekly followed a group of kids who run their own paper and tangle with crooks etc, whilst doing so.

Editor was 12 year old Peter Perkins (Brent Oldfield), handily his father owned the local paper The Cliffsea Recorder; Tubby Taylor (Ian Ellis) was the sports editor and he had an obsession with football club Cliffsea United; Main news reporter is ‘Swot’ English (Frank Barry) and Andy Rogers (Len Jones) is the paper’s photographer. The only girl in the group is Frederica aka Fred (Elizabeth Dear).

Mr Filling (Bartlett Mullins) typesetter at the recorder is the gang’s main grown up ally and he often finds himself unwillingly caught up in their adventures. Meanwhile beat bobby PC Cullis (Michael Wisher) was often less than impressed that the gang often outsmarted him.

The series was created by Shaun Sutton (future head of drama at the BBC) who co-wrote the series with Victor Pemberton.

The series was filmed in Seaford/Newhaven.

Cast: Brent Oldfield (Peter Perkins), Ian Ellis (Tubby Taylor), Len Jones (Andy Rogers), Frank Barry (‘Swot’ English), Elizabeth Dear (Frederica), Bartlett Mullins (Mr Filling), Michael Wisher (PC Cullis), Morris Perry (Mr Perkins)

Creator: Shaun Sutton / Producer: John McRae

UK / BBC One / 13×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 30 December 1968 – 24 March 1969