Adventures of Sir Lancelot, The (ITC 1956-1957, William Russell, Jane Hylton)

This 1950’s ITC series told tales of Sir Lancelot du Lac and his involvement with King Arthur and his fellow knights of the round table.

Filmed mostly in the studios (at Nettleford with a very clean looking dark ages set) but with some location work done at Allington Castle.

The series, a co-production between Sapphire and ITC was made to cash in on the success of The Adventures of Robin Hood (along with several other shows such as William Tell, The Scarlet Pimpernel etc). The show also used the same studios as the above and many of the same crew and so on, including some of the same American writers (writing under pen names) who had been blacklisted in the states for their supposed communist connections.

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production details
UK / ITC/Sapphire / 30x30m-e / 1956-57 black and white

Executive Producer: Hannah Weinstein / Composer: Edwin Astley / Producers: Sidney Cole, Dallas Bower, Bernard Knowles,

WILLIAM RUSSELL as Sir Lancelot Du Lac
JANE HYLTON as Queen Guinevere
BRUCE SEATON as King Arthur

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