After Thomas (ITV Drama, Keeley Hawes, Ben Miles)



Heartwarming drama After Thomas tells the based on a true story of one couple’s struggle to meet the challenges of their child’s autism. Kyle Graham (Andrew Byrne) is scared. Not of monsters under the bed like any average six-year-old, but of just about everything. And he can’t communicate his fears. His mother Nicola (Keeley Hawes) knows that Kyle wants to be left alone, safe and secure in his autistic world. But she also fears for his future if he continues to reject all emotional interaction. Her fierce determination to break into Kyle’s world has placed an intolerable strain on her marriage, as her husband Rob (Ben Miles), although equally devoted to his son, is frustrated by Nicola’s relentless challenging of Kyle’s condition.

Into this maelstrom of conflict comes Thomas, a golden retriever puppy. Nothing could prepare Nicola and Rob for how Thomas unlocks the door to a personality they never knew their son had. What follows is a fascinating and moving tale of two parents who, at breaking point, find hope they never dared to dream of. Gritty and real, funny and heart-warming, After Thomas is an uplifting and moving true story. Following a six month search and over 150 auditions, six-year-old Byrne made his acting debut as Kyle.

Cast: KEELEY HAWES as Nicola Graham; BEN MILES as Rob Graham; ANDREW BYRNE as Kyle Graham; SHEILA HANCOCK as Granny Pat; DUNCAN PRESTON as Grandpa Jim; LORRAINE PILKINGTON as Rachel; CLIVE MANTLE as John Havers; NOMA DUMEZWENI as Paula Murray; KATE FLEETWOOD as Kate; SUSAN PORRETT as Chris; VERONICA ROBERTS as Susie; CHRIS LARKIN as Phil; AMY CABLE as Poppy; SEAN FRANCIS as Mal Edwards; NICK STILWELL as Stuart; ASA BUTTERFIELD as Andrew; MATTHEW FLYNN as Vic; ANDY POINTON as Ian; KATHRYN TENNANT MAW as Snooty Woman; EMILY ASTON as Shoe Shop Assistant; MATTHEW DOUGLAS as Policeman; DOMINIC KEMP as Vet; KATHERINE GRACE as Woman; ROSIE SHORE as Snooty Woman’s Daughter; HARRY GOSTELOW as Vicar; JOANNE BROOKES as Secretary; GILL HUTLEY as School Teacher

Writer: Lindsey Hill / Executive Producer: Beryl Vertue / Producer: Elaine Cameron / Director: Simon Shore

UK / ITV1 Network – Hartswood Films / 1×120 minutes / Broadcast Sunday 24 December 2006 at 9:00pm

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