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Afterlife (ITV 2005-2006, Lesley Sharp, Andrew Lincoln)Afterlife (ITV 2005-2006, Lesley Sharp, Andrew Lincoln)


Afterlife (ITV 2005-2006, Lesley Sharp, Andrew Lincoln)



Lesley Sharp and Andrew Lincoln star in Afterlife, a drama series about a woman with psychic powers and the academic who becomes involved with her. In the first episode, More Than Meets the Eye, psychology lecturer and psychic mediums specialist Robert Bridge (Lincoln) decides to take his students to a clairvoyance evening, where he meets troubled psychic Alison Mundy (Sharp).

Robert is deeply sceptical of psychics and their abilities, but he soon realises that Alison is a far cry from the fraudulent practitioners that he is used to. Ever since she was a child Alison has seen spirits, and after a near-death experience they are beginning to take over her life. She moved to Bristol in an attempt at a fresh start, but the move has not worked out, and as she lies awake at night Alison cannot escape the voices that cry out to her.

When Alison’s readings provoke an adverse reaction in one of Robert’s students he begins to study her with the intention of writing a book about her. But Robert is completely thrown when Alison claims to see the spirit of his own son Josh, who was killed in a car accident four years earlier.

The episodes generally involve the solving of some murder-crime with the dead victim trying to get justice by giving Alison clues to their killer.

production details
UK / ITV1 – Clerkenwell / 14×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 January 2005 – 11 November 2006

Writer: Stephen Volk / Music: Edmund Butt / Producer: Murray Ferguson

LESLEY SHARP as Alison Munday
ANDREW LINCOLN as Robert Bridge


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