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Against The Crowd (ITV 1975, Don Warrington, Tessa Wyatt)



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An anthology of seven plays Against The Crowd dealt with people whose viewed differed from those of the majority – people who are against the crowd as it were.

Some top quality writers including the likes of Fay Weldon, Nigel Kneale, Howard Schumann, Roger Marshall and Kingsely Amis wrote pieces and the casts included the likes of Donald Sinden, Patricia Garwood, Bernard Lee, Don Warrington, Tessa Wyatt, Peter Vaughan, Linda Robson and Kenneth Cranham.

All seven plays were given a repeat screening between 27 January and 10 March 1977.

production details
UK / ITV Network – ATV / 7×60 minute episodes / Broadcast: 13 July – 31 August 1975 / Sundays at 10.15pm

Producer: Nicholas Palmer

UK / ITV Network-ATV (Against The Crowd) / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast Sunday 13 July 1975 at 10.15pm
Writer: Nicholas Palmer / Designer: Anthony Waller / Producer: Nicholas Palmer / Director: Lionel Harris
Comedy drama. Everyone in his office is on the make but when Graham Armstrong decides to play things straight he finds himself in opposition to his work colleagues.
cast: David Stoll as George / Basil Henson as Bob / Harry Landis as Tibbs / George Moon as Cecil / Angela Browne as Jean Armstrong / Donald Sinden as Mr. Thomas / Mary Wimbush as Mrs. Thomas / Beatrix Mackey as Mrs. Grimshaw / John Burgess as Doctor / Micheal Wynne as Toby Porter / Donald Gee as Graham Armstrong / Micheal Standing as Albert / Sue Passmore as Elphie / Philip Trewnnard as Tagg / Katy McLellan as Melanie / Elizabeth Crowthers as Girl in shop / Ann Payor as Mary / Lucinda Gane as Vivien / Sally Harrison as Sally

UK / ITV Network-ATV (Against The Crowd) / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast: Sunday 20 July 1975 at 10.15pm
Writer: Fay Weldon / Designer: Michael Eve / Producer: Nicholas Palmer / Director: Paul Annett
Drama. Jenny Slade finds life hard enough coping with two small daughters and a lazy husband but matters are compounded when she gives birth to a child with down syndrome.
cast: John Stuart as Judge / Norman Pitt as Coronet / Edward Hardwicke as Dr. Gregory / Christopher Banks as Magistrate / Patricia Garwood as Susannah Gregory / Amanda Murray as Jenny Slade / Charles West as Counsel / Elspeth Macnaughton as Marton / Elizabeth Burger as Mrs. James / Valerie Lush as Sister Rich / William Hoyland as Kevin Slade / Carole Hayman as Miss Henry / Natalie O’Mahony as Marinda Slade

UK / ITV Network-ATV (Against The Crowd) / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast: Sunday 27 July at 10.15pm
Writer: Nigel Kneale / Designer: Michael Eve / Producer: Nicholas Palmer / Director: John Cooper
Horror drama. This typical scary igel Kneale piece concerned vet Alan Crich becoming caught up in a vendetta against Mrs Clemson, an old woman who lives in the village and whom the locals are convinced is a witch.
cast: Bernard Lee as Beeley / Raymond Platt as Start / David Neal as Leach / John Golightly as Coker / David Simeon as lan Crich / Ray Dunbobbin as Jimmy / Una Brandon-Jones as Mrs. Clemson / Marjorie Yates as Mrs. Leach / Philip Gilman as Leach’s son

UK / ITV Network-ATV (Against The Crowd) / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast: Sunday 3 August at 10.15pm
Writer: Howard Schuman / Designer: Anthony Waller / Producer: Nicholas Palmer / Director: Piers Waller
Drama. Black Albert Sharpe returns to England from Jamaica and moves back in to the house where he lodges with white family The Botts but starts to feel increasingly out of place.
cast: Judy Campbell as Margaret Bott / Simon Lack as John Bott / Nadia Cattouse as Victoria / Cleo Sylvestre as Beryle / Ellen Sheean as Lady Alice / Brian Stirner as Peter Bott / Penny Barrett as New Zealand girl / Don Warrington as Albert Sharpe / Anthony Nash as Grey-haired man / Jimi Rand as Ogre / Kate Nicholls as Temple Sharpe / Tony Bramble as Robert / Wayne Browne as Aladdin / Shango Baku as Genie / Dotlyn Kidd as Princess Baxixite / Guy Gregory as Trees / Sadie Smith as Performer

UK / ITV Network-ATV (Against The Crowd) / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast: Sunday 10 August at 10.15pm
Writer: Hugo Charteris / Producer: Nicholas Palmer / Designer: Bryan Holgate / Director: John Sichel
Drama. Sir Lionel Frobisher is none too happy to discover that his daughter is living with her university lecturer, Ted. Determined to express his displeasure to the vice chancellor Sir Lionel is then shocked to discover Susan’s thoughts on the matter.
cast: John Woodvine as Sir Lionel Frobisher / Tessa Wyatt as Susan Frobisher / Nan Munro as Lady Ramsgate / Hugh Morton as Lord Ramsgate / Isabel Dean as Lady Peggy Frobisher / Tim Preece as Ted Higgins / Lolly Cockerell as Christine / Peter Dudley as Pete Miller / Gregory Munroe as Leo Borston / David Hayward as Jim / Jill Shakespeare as Jane / Robin Johnson as Waiter

UK / ITV Network-ATV (Against The Crowd) / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast: Sunday 17 August at 10.15pm
Writer: Kingsley Amis / Designer: Henry Graveney / Producer: Nicholas Palmer / Director: Don Leaver
Drama. Petty thief Clive Raynor learns a lot about the world we live in when he injures a nightwatchman during a raid on a warehouse and doesn’t have to pay the consequences.
cast: Peter Vaughan as Don MacIntyre / Arthur White as Mr. Harris / Marjie Lawrence as Alice MacIntyre / Marc Boyle as Policeman / Trevor Baxter as Mr. Stone / David Howe as Terry / Don Henderson as Police Officer / Gillian Martell as Miss Adams / Terence Budd as Clive Raynor / June Page as Paula / Michael Knowles as Rev. Robin Foster / Kathrine Parr as Mrs. Harris / Linda Robson as Marilyn / Saad Ghazi as Waiter / Doyle Richmond as Doctor / John Locke as First Hippy / Lee Walker as Second Hippy

UK / ITV Network-ATV (Against The Crowd) / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast: Sunday 31 August at 10.15pm
Writer: Roger Marshall / Designer: Henry Graveney / Producer: Nicholas Palmer / Director: Dennis Vance
Drama. Professor David Russell is appointed special advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and soon finds that the media are on his back, portraying him as an “instant saviour” in a time of crisis.
cast: Martin Wyldeck as Moresby / William Russell as Arthur Penwarren / Joe Melia as Clive Garske / Geraldine Newman as Valerie Pearce / Rio Fanning as Peter Day / James Hall as First reporter / Jack Lynn as Doctor Riley / Peter Marinker as David Russell / Kenneth Cranham as Geoff Cooper / Frank Wylie as Tim Clegg / Paul Seed as Roy / Veronica Roberts as Mary / Celia Quicke as Carol Russell / Anne Healey as Girl reporter / Bryan Whitehouse as Second reporter