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Against the Wind (Channel 7 1978, Jon English, Mary Larkin)



Period drama serial. In 1798 young Irish girl Mary Mulvane is sentenced to transportation to Australia, during the journey she falls for fellow convict Jonathan Garrett and the pair attempt to start a new life Down Under. Filmed at Old Sydney Town and Geelong in Victoria. The serial also included many historically accurate incidents such as the Castle Hill convict uprising.

production details
Australia | Channel 7 | 1×180 minutes 4×120 minutes (13 in total) | 1978

Scripts: Tony Morphett, Bronwyn Binns, Paul Davies, Cliff Green, Tom Hegarty, Ian Jones
Theme Music: Six Ribbons by Jon English
Producers: Bronwyn Binns, Ian Jones, Henry Crawford
Directors: George T. Miller, Simon Wincer

Jon English as Jonathan Garrett
Mary Larkin as Mary Mulvane
Gerard Kennedy as Dinny O’Byrne
Bryan Brown as Michael Connor
Julia Blake as Cook
Frederick Parslow as Captain Wiltshire
Frank Gallacher as Will Price
Kerry McGuire as Polly McNamara
Warwick Sims as Ensign Greville
Hu Pryce as Jonas Pike