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Agatha Christie’s Marple on ITV3 from Mon 29 May



Agatha Christie's Marple

Classic murder mystery fans can enjoy a week of Agatha Christie’s Marple cases on ITV3 with Julia McKenzie as the elderly sleuth. The episodes run from Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June from 8.00pm each night.

In Monday’s episode, A Caribbean Mystery, Miss Marple is drawn into a web of deceit, dark magic and death while on holiday in the Caribbean island of St Honore. With the help of business tycoon Jason Rafiel (Antony Sher), Marple sets to work unravelling the truth.

In Greenshaw’s Folly on Tuesday, Miss Marple helps a family friend seek refuge at a country pile known as Greenshaw’s Folly. But a shadow soon begins to fall over the strange old building’s various inhabitants.

Wednesday’s episode Endless Night sees Miss Marple make the acquaintance of charming young drifter Mike Rogers (Tom Hughes). Then events take a sinister turn when Mike and his new wife Ellie (Joanna Vanderham) move into the cursed Gipsy’s Acre.

In The Pale Horse on Thursday, Miss Marple is shocked at the brutal murder of her old friend Father Gorman (Nicholas Parsons). When she receives a list of names through the post, sent by Gorman moments before his death, she vows to seek justice.

Finally, in Friday’s episode The Mirror Crack’d, Marina Gregg (Lindsay Duncan) and her young English film director husband Jason Rudd (Nigel Harman) take up residence at Gossington Hall. Curious locals gather for a reception hosted by the glamorous couple but then an excitable fan dies after drinking a poisoned cocktail. But for whom was the fatal concoction really intended?

As was usually the case with the Marple stories, only two of these were actually based on Marple novels (A Caribbean Mystery and The Mirror Crack’d) the others were other Christie stories with Marple shoe-horned into them.