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Al Read Says What A Life! (BBC Comedy, Anita Harris)



Al Read Says What A Life! was a sketch comedy and stand up series with Lancashire comedian Al Read. Read had scored his first starring series in 1963 with the ITV series Life With Al Read, he had been highly popular in variety and radio during the 1950’s but had been reluctant to embrace television. His catchphrases were “Right, Monkey!” and “You’ll be lucky, I say, you’ll be lucky!

This series was the usual mix and there were regular slots for middle of the road pop acts of the time such as Herman’s Hermits, Julie Rogers, Anita Harris and The Seekers. Actor Len Lowe also appeared as Read’s stooge in all six episodes.

Producer: Albert Stevenson / Music: Ronnie Hazlehurst / Director: William Stewart

UK / BBC One / 6×30 minute episodes / 6 April – 11 May 1966 Wednesday 7.30pm