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Albert’s Memorial (ITV Drama, David Jason, David Warner)



David Jason stars one off drama, Albert’s Memorial, which follows the story of three World War II veterans, Harry (Sir David Jason) and his friends Frank (David Warner) and Albert (Michael Jayston).

The story begins as Harry and Frank prepare to visit Albert in hospital. He may be dying, but Albert is still smiling – happy to see old comrades and to enjoy a friendship forged in the heat of battle. Albert reflects on his life as he comes to terms with the fact that he does not have long to live. His dying wish is to be buried on the little hill outside Hindenburg in Germany where he watched the Russians take up position in the closing stages of the Battle of Berlin. To be part of history in the making left an indelible impression on Albert and his comrades.

After Albert’s death, Harry and Frank decide to grant their friend’s last wish and take Albert’s body from the hospital mortuary, beginning a journey that will change their lives forever as they explore dark events hardly mentioned since 1945. With Albert’s coffin tied to the roof rack of Harry’s black cab, they set off on their adventure to create Albert’s memorial.

But little goes according to plan. Hopelessly lost in Calais, they pick up a German hitchhiker, Vicki (Judith Hoersch), who learns of a dark secret which has driven a wedge through the heart of their friendship. Harry and Frank are unappreciative of Vicki until it’s too late. On reaching their destination, they assume she has abandoned them, but it soon dawns on Frank that she has intervened significantly in their lives.

Cast: David Jason (Harry), David Warner (Frank), Judith Hoersch (Vicki), Michael Jayston (Albert)

Writer: Thomas Ellice / Executive Producers: David Jason, David Reynolds / Producer: Gina Cronk / Director: David Richards

UK / ITV – ITV Studios / 1×70 minutes / Broadcast 2009