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Alien Nation (TCF 1989-1990, Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint)



Alien Nation

Alien Nation was a well remembered scifi crime drama series. In 1995 a quarter of a million aliens from the planet Tenkton land in America. The series followed one of them and his family as they try to assimilate themselves into society with the husband(taking the name George Francisco) becoming a cop.

Based on the 1988 film of the same name, after the series ended there were occasional two hour TV Movies. Five in fact, these were 1994:Dark Horizon, 1995:Body and Soul, 1996: Millennium, The Enemy Within, 1997:The Udara Legacy.

Gary Graham as Detective Matthew Sikes
Eric Pierpoint as Detective George Francisco
Michele Scarabelli as Susan Francisco
Lauren Woodland as Emily Francisco
Sean Six as Buck Francisco
Terri Treas as Cathy Frankel
Jeffrey Marcus as Albert Einstein
Ron Fassler as Captain Bryon Grazer
Jeff Doucette as Burns
Molly Morgan as Jill Molaskey
Lawrence Hilton-Jacob as Sergeant Dobbs

crew details
Creators: Kenneth Johnson, Rockne O’Bannon
Music: Steve Dorff, David Kuntz, Larry Herbstritt
Executive Producer: Kenneth Johnson

production details
Country: USA
Network: TCF – Kenneth Johnson Prod
Duration: 1×120 minute episodes 21×60 minute episodes
Aired From: 1989-1990




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