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Almost Grown (CBS 1988-1989, Tim Daly, Eve Gordon)



Drama series Almost Grown detailed 25 years in the life of one time married couple Norman and Suzie Long Foley who though now divorced still spent a lot of time together. The show made heavy use of flashbacks looking at key moments in the couples lives.

Tim Daly as Norman Foley
Eve Gordon as Suzie Long Foley
Rita Taggart as Joan Foley
Michael Alldredge as Frank Foley
Richard Schaal as Dick Long
Albert Macklin as Joey Long
Ocean Hellman as Anya Foley
Anita Gillette as Vi Long
Raffi Di Blasio as Jackson Foley

crew details
Creators: David Chase, Lawrence Konner

production details
Country: USA
Network: CBS
Duration: 13×50 minute episodes
Aired From: 27 November 1988 – 27 February 1989 Sundays 9.00pm then Mondays 10.00pm