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Alpha Scorpio (ABC 1974, Peter Hepworth, Kevin Wilson)Alpha Scorpio (ABC 1974, Peter Hepworth, Kevin Wilson)

Australian TV

Alpha Scorpio (ABC 1974, Peter Hepworth, Kevin Wilson)



Children’s scifi drama serial Alpha Scorpio saw two kids on a camping holiday (Aireys inlet in Victoria) learning that Aliens are planning to take over the Earth.

An alien character in this called Andra later appeared in a follow up also called Andra. The title music for this was from The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Rick Wakeman.

Made in black and white.

Peter Hepworth as Andrew
Alexandra Hynes as Penny
Kevin Wilson as Stephen
Terry Gill as McIntyre
Kurt Ludescher as Mimi
Neville Thurgood as Collins
Ian Smith as Bates
Frank Wilson as Mr. Williams

crew details
Writer and Producer: James Davern
Directors: Keith Wilkes, David Zweck, Ric Burch

production details
Country: Australia
Network: ABC
Duration: 6×30 minute episodes
Aired From: 1974


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