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American Gothic (CBS 1995-1996, Gary Cole, Lucas Black)



Fantasy drama series. Devil like Sheriff Lucas Buck rules the town of Trinity with a rod of iron and holds the lives of its inhabitants in his hands.

production details
USA | CBS – Universal – MCA-Renaissance | 22×60 minutes | 1995-96 22 September 1995 – 11 July 1996

Creator: Shaun Cassidy
Producer: David Eick
Executive Producer: Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert

Gary Cole as Sheriff Lucas Buck
Lucas Black as Caleb Temple
Paige Turco as Gail Emory
Brenda Bakke as Selena Coombs
Sarah Paulson as Merlyn Temple
Nick Searcy as Deputy Ben Healy
Jake Weber as Dr. Matt Crower
John Mese as Dr. Billy Peale (1996)
Lynda Clark as Rita Barber (1996)