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American Grit (FOX 2016, Jon Cena)



American Grit

In American Grit sixteen of the country’s toughest men and women are split into four teams as they work together to face a variety of military-grade and survival-themed challenges. Jon Cena and an elite group of mentors from the nation’s most exclusive military units will push these civilians beyond their limits. The mentors, known as “The Cadre,” include Rorke Denver, Noah Galloway, Tawanda “Tee” Hanible and Nick “The Reaper” Irving.

These real-life heroes, who represent diverse backgrounds and top branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, will impart their first-hand knowledge and experience to help the competitors work together as teams to surmount near-impossible mental and physical challenges. AMERICAN GRIT embodies the military ethos “no man left behind,” because only the first team to complete the challenges together is safe from elimination.

Each episode will culminate in “The Circus,” a punishing, endurance-based obstacle course designed to break the weakest competitors. With up to a million dollars of prize money at stake, this is the ultimate test of strength, grit, the human spirit and, most importantly, teamwork.

From FOX’s press release, March 2017… On Sunday, June 11 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), WWE(R) Superstar John Cena(R) brings 17 new competitors – all who either have lost their grit or never had it – to sunny Hampton Island, GA. There, Cena and an elite group of military heroes will live alongside these people, all in search of a change, and take them under their wing as they lead them through a series of all-new epic team and individual challenges. In the end, only one competitor will win a quarter of a million dollars, but hopefully, all of them will find their Grit.

John Cena as Host

key behind the scenes crew
Executive Producers: John Cena, Brent Montgomery, David George, Adam Sher, Will Nothacker, Jon Kroll

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broadcast from
April 14, 2016

network and production companies
Fox – Leftfield Pictures