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Amy Prentiss (NBC 1974-1975, Jessica Walter, Helen Hunt)



In this NBC Mystery Movie entry when the chief of detectives of the San Francisco Police Department died unexpectedly, the person at the top of the service list was Amy Prentiss, an attractive 35-year-old widow with a young daughter. There had never been a woman chief of detectives before, and many of the male officers who suddenly found themselves reporting to Amy resented it.

A measure of grudging respect gradually emerged, however, when her skill as an investigator became apparent in a series of cases that otherwise constituted standard crime-show fare. Unfortunately, viewers took less readily to the idea of woman as boss, and the program was cancelled after a short run.

Guest stars in the series’ brief run included William Shatner, Cameron Mitchell, Don Murray, Joyce Van Patten and Jamie Farr.

production details
USA | NBC | 3×120 minutes | Broadcast 1 December 1974 – 6 July July 1975

Creator: Francine Carroll,

Jessica Walter as Amy Prentiss
Helen Hunt as Jill Prentiss
Johnny Seven as Detective Contreras
Steve Sandor as Detective Tony Russell