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And Mother Makes Three (ITV Sitcom, Wendy Craig, Robin Davies)



In ITV sitcom And Mother Makes Three, young widow Sally Harrison (Wendy Craig) struggles to make ends meet and bring up her two sons. Richard Waring and Wendy Craig had teamed up between 1967 and 1969 for the BBC sitcom Not in Front of the Children which was pretty much the same kind of domestic format.

See also And Mother Makes Five which is basically a continuation of this show with the addition of David and Jane Redway. In fact the whole of this shows fourth season was about the wedding between Sally and David.

Wendy Craig was given a prestigious TV Times cover (April 24, 1971) for the series premiere, there was also a three page feature interview focusing on her own home life.

Cast: WENDY CRAIG as Sally Harrison; ROBIN DAVIES as Simon Harrison; DAVID PARFITT as Peter Harrison; VALERIE LUSH as Auntie Flo; GEORGE SELWAY as Mr Campbell; RICHARD COLEMAN as David Redway (Seasons 3-4); MIRIAM MANN as Jane Redway (Seasons 3-4)

Creator: Richard Waring / Producer and Director: Peter Frazer-Jones

UK / ITV – Thames / 26x30m-e / Broadcast 27 April 1971 – 27 June 1973