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Annie McGuire (CBS 1988, Mary Tyler Moore, Denis Ardnt)



Annie McGuire

Sitcom Annie McGuire looked at the problems in the life of middle aged newlyweds Annie and Nick, both having been married before and both having children from those marriages. A young Adrien Brody appeared in one episode as Lenny McGuire.

Mary Tyler Moore as Annie McGuire
Denis Arndt as Nick McGuire
Eileen Heckart as Emma Block
John Randolph as Red McGuire
Frantz Turner as Earl
Bradley Warden as Lewis Block
Adrien Brody as Lenny McGuire
Cynthia Marie King as Debbie McGuire

crew details
Creators: Elliot Shoenman, Paul Wolff

production details
Country: USA
Network: CBS – MTM Enterprises
Duration: 10×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 26 October – 28 December 1988