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Annie’s Bar (Channel 4 1996, Dominic Taylor, Larry Lamb)



In drama series Annie’s Bar a newly elected Tory MP takes up his seat at Westminster and discovers he has a lot to learn. The title came from the well known pub at the House of Commons.

Dominic Taylor as David Dashwood
Larry Lamb as Terry Dunning
Paul Brooke as Vernon Du Chine
Geoffrey McGivern as Stiggy Bedford-Bounds
Jonathan Coy as Philip Salisbury
Eamon Boland as Graham Keegan
Tom Watson as Jimmy MacKenzie
Elizabeth Bennett as Antonia Courtney
Gavin Richards as Nick Buckley
Rosemary Martin as Gwyneth Holmes
Kate Maravan as Laura Dashwood
Tim Wylton as Reg
Sarah Neville as Gilly Jones
Sarah Lee Jones as Candy Aloha
Steffanie Pitt as Fleur Mortimer
Marjorie Yates as Joan Fairlie
Christopher Ashley as Brian Lightfoot
Thomas Russell as Darren Watling
Karen Westwood as Jane Browning
Simon Chandler as David Bell
Abigail Bond as Charlie Meredith
Sidney Livingstone as PC Sparks

crew details
Writer: Andy Armitage
Executive Producer and original idea by Eben Foggitt
Producer: Richard Handford

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: Channel 4 – Ardent
Duration: 10×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1 February – 4 April 1996