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Archie Bunker’s Place (CBS 1979-1983, Carroll O’Connor, Jean Stapleton)



Archie Bunker's Place

Sitcom Archie Bunker’s Place was a continuation of All in the Family that saw Archie Bunker mortgaging his house so he could buy a half share in the bar of the title. Bigoted Bunker’s partner was hard working Jew Murray Klein.

Archie Bunker’s Place premiered in 1979 as a continuation of the very popular CBS series All in the Family. When the new series began, the focus of the series shifted from Archie and Edith’s home life to Archie’s bar, Archie’s Place, which was now being expanded into a short-order restaurant.

Some new regulars were introduced into the series such as Archie’s new business partner, Murray Klein, cook Veronica Rooney, and some of Archie’s friends, who were formerly recurring guest stars were now regulars or even costars. Edith was seen less frequently in the first season.

Then at the beginning of the second season, the unthinkable happened. Edith suddenly died of a stroke, leaving Archie to care for little Stephanie all by himself. Archie later became full owner of the bar and grill with financial advice coming from lawyer/business manager Gary Rabinowitz, who happened to be in love with Archie’s niece Billie, who had also come to stay with Archie. Archie Bunker’s Place left CBS in 1983.

Cast: Carroll O’Connor (Archie Bunker), Danielle Brisebois (Stephanie Mills), Allan Melvin (Barney Hefner), Anne Meara (Veronica Rooney), Jason Wingreen (Harry Snowden), Barbara Meek (Ellen Canby (Seasons 2-3), Denise Miller (Billie Bunker Seasons 3-4), Abraham Alvarez (Jose), Martin Balsam (Murray Klein (1979-1981)), Danny Dayton (Hank Pivnik (1979-1981)), Joe Rosario (Raoul)

Producers: Mort Lachman, Norman Lear, Bud Yorkin, Milt Josefberg

USA / CBS – Tandem – Ugo / 96×25 minute episodes 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast from September 1979 – September 1983