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Armchair Theatre: Edward The Confessor (ITV 1969, Ian Holm, Alfred Burke)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Drama Edward The Confessor was an entry in the Armchair Theatre strand. Edward Gobey is something of a Billy Liar character, his job as social surveyor brings him into contact with lots of housewives but it seems his questioning style leaves a lot to be desired. Meanwhile he has also developed a habit of confessing to murder at his local police station much to their annoyance.

Gobey is also not happy about the amount of time his landlady, Mrs Blaxhill is spending with her new friend Gland.

Always good to see Beryl Reid in a starring role and Alfred Burke was riding high at the time thanks to his starring role in crime drama Public Eye.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 24 February 1969 @ 8.30pm

Writer: Leigh Vance / Story Editor: Monica Menell / Production Design: Tony Borer / Producer: Leonard White / Director: Henry Kaplan

Series: Armchair Theatre / Season 12 Episode 8

Beryl Reid as Mrs Blaxill
Ian Holm as Edward Gobey
Alfred Burke as Gland
William Abney as Detective Inspector Sheffield
Michael Dawson as Constable Tapp
Murray Noble as Policeman
Parnell McGarry as Housewife
Miranda Marshall as Woman
Angela Rooks as Y.W.C.A. Woman
Barbara New as Wife
Douglas Blackwell as Husband