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Artemis ’81 (BBC-1 1981, Sting, Hywel Bennett)



Scifi drama. A young student gets caught up in a mighty battle between the forces of good and a terrible chain of evil. Writer David Rudkin had a habit of writing incredibly dense material exploring the nature of pagan man, most notably this production and Penda’s Fen. This was originally slated to be a co-production with TV Denmark.

production details
UK | BBC One | / 185 minutes / Broadcast 29 December 1981

Writer: David Rudkin
Film Cameraman: David Jackson
Design: Gavin Davies
Producer: David Rose
Director: Alastair Reid

David Rudkin

Hywel Bennett as Gideon Harlax
Dinah Stabb as Gwen Meredith
Dan O’Herlihy as Albrecht Von Drachenfels
Sting as Helith
Anthony Steel as Tristram Guise
Roland Curram as Asrael
Margaret Whiting as Laura Guise
Ian Redford as Jed Thaxter
Ingrid Pitt as Hitchcock Blonde
Daniel Day-Lewis as Library Student