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Ask Aspel (BBC Entertainment Michael Aspel)



Ask Aspel BBC Entertainment Michael Aspel, Lalla Ward

Long running and well remembered children’s magazine style show Ask Aspel was hosted by Michael Aspel and offered a rare chance in pre video and dvd days to see clips from favourite TV shows.

Aspel read out letters sent in by the junior viewers at home and also interviewed various TV people, musicians, celebs and the like.

The series had two runs, the first from 1970-1973 and then again from 1976-1981. The picture above is from the 15 July 1980 edition with Aspel talking to Lalla Ward. On 29 September 1976 David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser then the biggest stars on TV thanks to Starsky and Hutch were interviewed marking their first appearance together on British television – the interview was filmed in the US though.

classic quote “Dear Ask”

Producers over the years included Iain Johnstone, Granville Jenkins, Frances Whitaker, Will Wytt

UK / BBC One / x15 or 25 minute episodes / Broadcast 9 October 1970 – 21 July 1981