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At Last the 1948 Show (1967, Graham Chapman, John Cleese)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Sketch series At Last The 1948 Show was a kind of precursor to Monty Python and The Goodies, featuring John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Eric Idle of Python and Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie of the Goodies. Also featured were Marty Feldman, Aimi MacDonald, Jo Kendall and Barry Cryer. The cast also wrote most of the sketches too.

The series went out mainly in the London area, quite a few regions didn’t even show it at all. Those that did didn’t show all the episodes either.

production details
UK | ITV Network – Associated Rediffusion | 13×25 minutes | 1967

Writers: Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Marty Feldman
Executive Producer: David Frost
Director: Ian Fordyce

Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Tim Brooke-Taylor
Marty Feldman
Aimi MacDonald
Barry Cryer
Dick Vosburgh
Eric Idle
Jo Kendall
Bill Oddie