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Autumn Affair Autumn Affair

Australian TV

Autumn Affair (ATN 7 1958, Muriel Steinbeck, Owen Weingott)



Australia’s first ever continuing drama series shown each weekday morning at 8.45am, Autumn Affair detailed episodes in the life of a woman and her two male friends. When the series began Julia Parrish, who has been a widow for 15 years, meets an old admirer and eventually ends up having to choose between two different men.

Autumn Affair is considered quite important as a signifier that Australian TV could produce it’s own domestic series. Interestingly enough most of the episodes are still in existence and the series had a repeat run in 1964.

production details
Australia / ATN – 7 Network / 156×15 minute episodes / Broadcast 1958 black and white

Muriel Steinbeck as Julia Parrish
Queenie Ashton as Granny Bishop
Leonard Bullen as Steve Meadows
Janette Craig as Meg Parrish
John Juson as Mark
Diana Perryman as Julie
Owen Weingott as Larry Muir



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