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Back (Channel 4 2017, David Mitchell, Robert Webb)



Back Channel 4 2017

In Back the Nichols family are preparing for the funeral of Laurie, a much loved father, brother, husband and the celebrated landlord of the John Barleycorn Pub. Uncle Geoff insists that Stephen (Mitchell) should say one last goodbye to his dad at the funeral home, but Stephen is scared he won’t know what to say and pretends he’s too busy. As the day of the funeral arrives there’s an unexpected mourner at the graveside: the charismatic and charming Andrew (Webb).

He was one of the many children fostered by Stephen’s family in the 80s – his parents’ favourite. Just about everyone is thrilled to see Andrew, except Stephen who can’t seem to remember him at all. Is Andrew who he says he is? And why has he turned up now after 30 years?

David Mitchell as Stephen
Robert Webb as Andrew
Penny Downie
Louise Brealey
Geoff McGivern

crew details
Writer: Simon Blackwell
Producer: Kate Daughton
Director: Ben Palmer
Executive Producers: Kenton Allen, Simon Blackwell, David Mitchell, Robert Webb

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: Channel 4 – A That Mitchell & Webb Company – Big Talk Productions
Duration: 6×30 minute episodes
Aired From: Wednesday 6 September 2017 at 10.00pm