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Backs To The Land (ITV Sitcom. John Stratton, Teresa Stevens)



Sitcom Backs to the Land told stories of a group of land girls working on a farm during World War II. Jenny (Teresa Stevens), Shirley (Phillipa Howell) and posh Daphne Finch-Beauchamp (Marilyn Galsworthy) were the original trio working on Tom Whitlow’s (John Stratton) farm. From season two Pippa Page as Bunny replaced Galsworthy.

Real life brothers David and Michael Troughton played Whitlow’s sons Roy and Eric in the first season. Delia Paton was Tom’s wife Ethel. Jeremy Child was a season two regular as Captain Truscott.

The series was written by David Climie and the theme tune was written by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent (and sung by Anne Shelton). David Askey produced the first season and John Rosenberg the second.

Backs to the Land was a rare comedy made by Anglia for ITV and aired 19 half hour episodes between 21 October 1977 and 1 September 1978.