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Backyard Blitz (Channel 9 2000-2007, Jamie Durie, Scott Cam)



Garden makeover show bearing remarked similarities to Seven’s Ground Force which is based on the UK show of the same name. Backyard Blitz originally started out as a smallish segment on the very popular Burkes Backyard show and due to it’s popularity was bankrolled into its own 60 minute weekly show.

Backyard Blitz was hosted by Jamie Durie and also featured Jody Rigby, Nigel Ruck and Scott Cam (the Builder). The angle of the show is the same as its inspirational shows although the budget is quite impressively larger and many of the recipients suffer from some sort of hardship that is ultimately rewarded when the Team and their never-seen helpers make-over their garden.

On 14 November 2006 Backyard Blitz was axed by the Nine Network after seven years on air. Don Burke, whose own show Burke’s Backyard was broadcast by Nine for nearly 18 years before it was axed in 2004, said his production company was “quite shocked by this decision”. In mid-2007 Nine aired the six remaining unaired episodes that were filmed before the show was cancelled. In 2008, it aired a spin-off show Domestic Blitz hosted by Shelley Craft and Scott Cam.

production details
Creator: Don Burke

Australia / Channel 9 / x60m-e / 2000-2007 Sundays 6.30pm