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Bancroft (ITV 2017, Sarah Parish, Art Malik)



Created and written by Kate Brooke, Sarah Parish plays respected police officer Detective Superintendent Elizabeth Bancroft (hence the title) in this four part crime drama with a twist. Ruthless and courageous, Bancroft is a brilliant copper. She has given her life to the police force.

But when ambitious fast-tracked recruit, Katherine Stevens joins the force, played by Faye Marsay, Katherine takes on a cold case and unwittingly disturbs the ghosts of Bancroft’s devastating past.Linus Roache makes his return to British television after starring in recent years in Vikings.

Linus plays Tim Fraser (no relation to the classic Francis Durbridge character) who is haunted by an unsolved crime. He has also been running from his past but his hidden shame can’t stay buried forever.Filmed on location in and around Bolton and the North West. The serial was shown over four consecutive evenings.

production details
UK / ITV / 60 minutes / 2017

Writer: Kate Brooke

Sarah Parish as Elizabeth Bancroft
Art Malik as DCS Alan Taheeri
Kenneth Cranham as Charlie Haverstock
Steve Evets as Len Dorman
Faye Marsay as Katherine Stevens
Linus Roache as Tim Fraser
Adam Long as Joe Bancrok
Charles Babalola as DS Andy Bevan
Lee Boardman as DI George Morris
Adrian Edmondson as Superintendent Cliff Walker
Ryan McKen as Daanish Kamara
Anjli Mohindra as Zaheera Kamara
Amit Dhut as Athif Kamara
Amara Karan as Anya Karim

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